Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E-Mun visit Japan @ 18 months

Day 1 14/10/09 – 15/10/09
Our flight at 10.50pm, you slept twice during day time not alerting whole family is so excited about the trip. After dinner we start journey to KLIA around 8.30pm. 4 adults and 1 baby with 4 luggage bags, 2 backpacks, handbags and your stroller squeeze into 7 seater Serena MPV.

We played with you hope you can utilized all your energy in airport; but you still cant sleep during the flight. You do not like the bassinet, mummy think that’s just too small for you. You doesn’t like to sleep on daddy’s and mummy’s body as well. You used to sleep at big n comfortable bed, so refuse to sleep here. It was a very tiring flight and terrible experience. You cried a lot luckily uncle next to us didn’t plan to sleep. Mummy felt so sorry to other passengers.

The flight took 6.30 hours to reach Kansai airport. Although we didn’t sleep well during the flight but we were still getting excited first time at the ‘sunrise’ country. The weather is extremely good as it’s autumn season, not very cool and of course not hot. We met our tour guide Low San (his surname is Low and San mean Mr. in Japanese) after passing by the custom. You ran around at this new place didn’t feel tiring.

We went straight to Universal Studio Japan (USJ). It is a large, pretty and grand theme park. We visited some attraction, we brought you to watch a ‘water’ show which is not very interesting, we saw almost the same one in Pattaya and even A Famosa. You felt scared and make lots of noise when there was bomb sound and loud noise. We felt so regret to bring you in for those show. Mummy and daddy didn’t manage to play a lot of game. Of course because we were bringing you along, second also because we didn’t sleep enough. We were all tired. Mummy even slept in USJ. Anyway also lots of people and need to waste lots of time to queue up. The lunch was not provided here; we took lunch in a Japanese restaurant here. After a while before we left, we watched a parade. You were not able to watch as you finally took a nap after exhausted. There were many cartoon characters in the parade e.g. Hello Kitty, Sesame street, Snoopy, Spiderman and so much more.

First night we stayed in a super grand hotel named ‘Cross Hotel’ located at the center of Osaka. That was the best hotel ever we had stayed. Unfortunately we forgot to take picture. Mummy cant forget the first time we use the toilet bowl with warmer, and lots of new technology. The shampoo and toiletry also from Shiseido, some kind of branded stuff. We went out for dinner nearby; first dinner was Japanese steamboat ‘Shabu-shabu’. After dinner we have a walk near by the Osaka area, a famous street named ‘Shin Sai Bashi-Suji’. The whole street was full of people and retail shops. As the things all very expensive, we didn’t manage to do lots shopping. We saw the 河豚fish, but unfortunately we didn’t went in for it as we were so full with dinner. Until now daddy still feel so regret, we didn’t manage to see that again. This special fish not easy to find else where because this is kind of poison fish, only restaurant or rather cook with license can sell and cut it. Japan retail shop used to close early around 8.00 to 9.00pm. So we went back to hotel and rest early. In fact you slept in the stroller went we do shopping, poor baby was too tired.

Day 2 16/10/09
Next day we went to “Golden Pagoda’, 金阁寺; a very old temple in Kyoto. The whole temple tinted with golden and planted with lots of 枫tree. Since it’s autumn season, the leaves start turn red, the scenery was beautiful. You ran yourself everywhere, mummy think you must enjoy running because the weather is not hot. We also went another temple near our lunch area. We brought some snacks from road side; we sat at road side for the food. You also enjoyed eating the same food with us. This is the thing mummy must praise my baby, you just ate whatever we let you eat in stead of keep asking for milk. The lunch was not nice as it were Chinese dishes. After lunch we went to another famous attraction named 清水寺. It was a template built without nail at hill side. Along the hill side when we walked up we can visit all the stalls. There were souvenir stalls as well as food stalls. We tried their ice cream and some local snack. The ice cream was nice but the snack we do not like it. As we need to walk up the stair we did not bring along your pram, we brought the soft carrier hope to carry you with that. Unfortunately you only slept with the soft carrier for a while like 30 – 45 minutes only. Perhaps the soft carrier makes you feel hot.

After that we tried the bullet train to our hotel at Okura. This hotel also not bad we can see very nice night scene. You enjoy seeing the train passing by from the hotel window. You name the train ‘GU GU’, very funny name. You slept with grandma this night, mummy and daddy went out for Ramen supper!

Day 3 17/10/09
We were supposed to visit Mount Fuji this day. The journey is quite long about 2 hours, it’s was a nightmare for the whole group! You cried very loud through out the journey, we could not find out the cause of it but we knew you cant sleep in the bus. We reached a place named大涌谷火山. You finally sleep when we reached the place. Mummy decided not to go up the mountain but to accompany you. Frankly we should not bring you along, or we should just go for free and easy trip. This place was famous with ‘black egg’ and fresh milk. Japanese believe the black egg can pro long your live and make you healthy. We ate one each; of course you did eat one!

After lunch we went to a park, this round daddy decided to stay in the bus as you slept. Anyway nothing much in this park. We went to visit a small temple near Mount Fuji. It was such a great experience for us. The place was so colddd… there was smoke coming out when you talk; luckily mummy brought a very thick jacket. The bus park far apart from us and the weather was so bad until you cant even see what is in front of you when you walked. Further more it was raining heavily. Mummy didn’t prepare much thick clothing for you, we were worried if you will get sick. Mummy hugged you tightly and ran back to the bus. The umbrella held by daddy also cant stand the wind; broken on the spot. You were not happy in mummy’s arm trying to get out of mummy. I was praying you will be ok while keep running back. Mummy was so so regret at that moment; we should not let you come with us to Japan. You were just too small! Luckily you were ok, knowing nothing, wondering how come mummy hugs you so tight.

That night we went for hot spring and the dinner with ‘long leg crab’, not bad! You wore the Yukata and look so cute. We stayed at a hotel with traditional Japanese bed; not very comfy. Next day we started journey to Tokyo.

Day 4 18/10/09
Day 4 was a fine weather day; from the hotel we can see Mount Fuji very clear. Amazing feeling! The top of the mountain was covered by snow, so pretty. Of course you did not know how to appreciate yet.

It took us around 2 hours to reach Tokyo; we already knew how to handle your expectation during the journey. You sat your own with daddy and mummy sat with tour leader. With that you have sufficient space to sleep and play. We saw many houses along the roadside. Japan houses are very different with Malaysia. Each and every houses are different, the developer don’t build in bulk and sell. Apparently resident there do not buy house, they buy the land and build the house. The building also very simple, the walls are made in pieces and ‘stick’ on the pillars. This is to avoid accident during earth quake.

The first place we went is a temple named ‘浅草寺’ or ‘雷门’. There are many stalls along the roadside selling souvenirs, foods and clothing. We tried some snacks at the road side and brought some souvenirs. Before we left for lunch, there were a culture parade there and we were lucky enough to see Japan Geisha.

After lunch we went for shopping. Along the way we passed by Japan Parlimen building. Subsequently we went to a high class shopping area named ‘银座’. There are many branded shops here. Of course we would not let go the chance to visit Burberry. Burberry is a London brand but there is a factory in Japan. Those product manufactured in Japan will be named as ‘Burberry Blue Label’! Mummy brought a tote bag and daddy also brought a sling bag to put his laptop. We spent around RM2,500.00 there. When you grown up, mummy will let you know which tote bad mummy referred to. Hopefully the bad will last so long. There was a 5 stories toy shop next to Burberry. We brought you in to play a while there; the toys were too expensive there we rather spend else where. From this place we go straight to ‘Shinjuku’ where it’s a place like Sg Wang in KL; full of shopping centre, retail shop lots. We went to Isetan planning to get you some clothes or shoes. The stuff are all very good quality and look very classy, but the price is extremely high! We didn’t manage to get you any thing. But daddy brought fresh seafood there. The seafood was considered cheap anyway.

That night we stayed in a very small hotel. Although it was rated as 4-5 stars but the room was so small with 2 single beds. We let you slept alone in one bed and we shared another one. Half way though the sleep you fall from the bed; but you were too tired until never cry but continue to sleep on the floor. Unfortunately after the incident mummy was too worried about you and cant sleep anymore.

Day 5 19/10/09
This was the last day in Tokyo. We would be whole day in Disneyland Tokyo. Since it was a Monday, we expected fewer tourists. According to tour guide, Low San, that day was considering very few people even though we have to queue for 1/2 to 1 hour for a game. We brought you to see the 4D show, ride on the ship and ride on the marry-go-round! You enjoyed the marry-go-round a lot. You were so brave, you sat alone there and mummy just stood next to you. Then you sit on daddy’ shoulder to watch the famous Disney parade. The theme was ‘Halloween’ since it’s year end and Halloween festival is around the corner.

We brought few items for you in Disney, the pop corn (in fact we eye on the box rather than the pop corn), a Mickey Mouse balloon, Mickey hair clip, Minnie Mouse drinking stroll.

That night we were served ‘Kobe’ beef, RM200 for a small piece. The beef was nice but we felt it might not be the 1st grade of ‘Kobe’. We did BBQ dinner but in very rush hour. That’s why we do not like group travel.

This was the final night in Japan; we stayed in hotel next to Narita airport.

Day 6 20/10/09

Finally back home! Again another round of night mare, you cried few times in the plane. Daddy and mummy were both exhausted after so many days!

Monday, September 28, 2009

E-mun @ 18 months

Dear Princess E-Mun,

Time flies, you are almost 18 months! It’s a great milestone to us. You start playing tricks, learning new things every day. You love exercise, dancing, running, playing swing and slides! We try to enjoy every single moment with you; you will request us to sing you Barney songs whenever you feel boring. Mummy and daddy learn all songs from the Barney video!

Yesterday we brought you a small bicycle or should we say it’s tricycle? Your feet still cant reach the petal or floor once you sit on it. You love sitting on it and ask us to push you around the house. You still can only name ‘baba’ not mummy nor ‘mama’, we think you do not understand the meaning of ‘baba’ now as you will call everyone ‘baba’.

We brought you to Desaru beach quite some time ago but we do not like beach, what a waste! We didn’t do much there, just visited mummy’s uncle and family and of course we went visit mummy’s grandma! Lately the H1N1 Influence flu still actively spread within crowds, we went Hong Kong without bringing and luckily we did that. The first day we reached HK, typhoon started at level 3, we took bus to the town and walked to the hotel, fortunately and unfortunately we brought small umbrella but got to walk a far bit to reach hotel. After we had lunch near hotel rain started heavy and HK government warned people. Very soon typhoon changed to level 8 and 99% shops was closed. Of course there are restaurants still operating, we ate sushi for dinner and went to a supermarket (more like grocery shop) to buy supper. If you were to follow, most properly we will stay in hotel worrying if typhoon will somehow danger to you. It was a good experience to us.

And now we start preparing our Japan trip. Unfortunately travel agency told us our trip got to cancel due to limited response. We have to switch from 7 days 6 nights tour to 7 days 5 nights. Mean we will take a night flight. Mummy very worry about you, the flight will start at night around 11.45pm and will take 6 hours. You normally sleep around 9.30pm and wake up 7.00 in the morning; so the flight in fact very tiring for you. Moreover you may need to sleep in the bassinet, the space is too small for you to turn over and sleep comfortably. We pray hard that you will enjoy the trip and would not give us too much problem during the trip!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

又是星期一。。 昨晚你闹到十二点才睡, 妈咪想你可能是感冒吧!麽麽和爸爸都不耐烦了, 你还是哭个不停。今天爸爸早上又有开会。妈咪一大早天未亮就到公司了,非常瞌睡。

妈咪上星期和朋友谈天,朋友说妈咪应该找点生意当副业来做。 妈咪和爹地也想过这问题,妈咪想做个托儿所因为想到同时可以照顾你。但是想到这门生意需要长时间无假工作, 我们止步了。这阵子我们都想着这问题。 看你一天一天的长大, 妈咪真想可以常常陪着你,但是生活环境不允许。有一位智者show妈咪一张非洲难民穷苦小孩照片,对我说他们需要一个人to break out. 我那时的心情非常澎湃,我很认同他的话。很多穷人家世世代代都生活在非常辛苦的环境,不曾想过可能可以离开那环境。或许想过却不曾努力挣脱过。。你长大要知道努力,行动和态度比空想来得重要。当然妈咪也希望能和爸爸给予你好的生活环境,让你无忧无虑地成长。

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hi Princess,

You are now 14 months old! What a big mile stone for us! We watch you grown up day by day, feel so touching. You are such an active baby, non stop moving around, playing and of course “manja” a lot. Moreover you are such an intelligent girl, you can easily differentiate our food with yours. When we use chopstick to eat and we feed you by spoon; you will feel suspicious and refuse to eat. Oh dear, to fulfill you what we need to do is change from spoon to chopstick.

Every day I ask myself, am I doing something right? Am I giving you the best? Mummy try not to pressure you so much by putting high hope on you. We met with a mother of 3 years old girl the other day at Isetan, we had a chat. She used to be a lawyer, quit her job and become a full time house wife taking care of her only girl. Small little girl knows time table, knows one hour = how many minutes, one day how many hours, etc. She is brilliant and even requested her mother to visit book store. However mummy dont feel envy, not even think of want you become like that. I can now imagine by the time u grow bigger, u will become worst than now; extremely “manja” very aggressive (fierce in fact). But I think the only thing I want to educate you is to speak up to family, to us whenever u r in trouble, whenever u need help.
Last week mummy met with two colleagues with sales team, one is sales another is manager managing sales people. Both of them are so aggressive and I can see how motivate how much they enjoy their work. Mummy lost... perhaps mummy should be in sales in stead of backend office. But since daddy already in sales, mummy worry of our living without my salary... How good if everyone can just do whatever they like.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A fine day

Dear BB,

Mummy found I can in fact write you letter in the office during lunch hour or early in the morning, hopefully I can write more to you.

Last weekend we participated in “60 earth hour” which was meant to reduce usage of resources and save the planet. This exercise was participated by many countries and million of people. It was so meaningful that we decided to participate. The exercise was pretty simple to switch off the light for an hour from 8.30pm till 9.30pm. We switched off all the lights at home then we put on some candles. There are some young neighbor also participated in this activities, their children cycled, playing around near the park, etc. We brought you out walk around to feel the darkness. Even it was so dark, you still get so excited. We hope to become a good parent to show you positive example; of course you must also be a good baby! We work together, ok?

29/3 was a Sunday. A lovely Sunday, mummy celebrated birthday with baby E-Mun this year. What a special year!! Although we didn’t buy expensive stuff nor having a great party, mummy felt so full and appreciation for having such a good present from God, for having a baby like you.


You fall sick again. Mummy was sick few weeks back then daddy also followed. We have been trying not to feed you with our spoon and control ourselves not to kiss you. Out of sudden when we almost recover, you were flu. Mummy starts to realize as a parent we don’t even have the right to fall sick… Now mummy understands there is no other love in this world that can compare with the love from parent! Even knowing there would not be any returns, a parent would not stop giving their love.

1st Birthday

Hi Baby,

It has been long time mummy didn’t write to you. We have celebrated your 1st lunar birthday with own family member; granddad, grandma x2, uncles and aunties. You didn’t behave well. We notice you don’t enjoy big group gathering. You refuse to be the centre of attraction, you cried when we sang birthday song to you; end up Brian and Brendon blew the candle.

We brought 2 cakes for your birthday one is with green tea flavor, Mickey mouse and in “1” shape. Another one was a jelly cake with green dinosaur cartoon! We wished you will grow up healthy with good attitude. At the same time we aim to be a good parent to educate you positive values.

You learn very fast on fancy thingy eg make funny face, dancing etc. But you have refused to act like other babies, waive hands, friend kiss, etc. We accepted whatever you do and didn’t push you to do thing that you don’t like. Well, we still believe in “love education”. I was thinking perhaps you can tell us if we are good parent to you when u are mature enough.

2009 is going to be a busy year for us, daddy and mummy going to Bangkok this April without bring u; I cant imagine how much mummy will miss you, as we see you every day. Then by September we shall bring you to Hong Kong, we want to try the experience bringing you for long journey travel. By October we will have family trip to Japan!! How wonderful!! Even grandma will be joining us. Of course u might not know what is happening but we are just reluctant to leave you alone in KL. How lucky are you to visit Japan at 1 years plus!! haha